Tuesday, August 13, 2013

details in blue + orange

^ blue + orange found at The Coal Loader Site in North Sydney ^

Ever noticed how you are suddenly drawn to a colour - so much so that before you know it the pile of clothes on your bedroom floor are all in the same shades of blue... grey... red ect? 
I do.
But it goes further than just clothes.
When Im subconsciously fixated on a colour it starts in infiltrate every aspect of my life.
It pops up in my clothes, my drawings, my photos... everywhere.
Until people start to scratch their heads and subtly ask if Im ok?!

I just love colour.
All colour.
And since the beginning of the year my palette of choice has been blue. Everything blue. 
Although this week on my instagram feed its all about blue + orange.
A strong complimentary colour combination - 
That sings and asks to be noticed.

Floating colours...

... and garlands of colour found on backyard fences.

Moments of colour caught on camera just before dark...

... before it all turns blue!

Blue + orange in gritty textured laneways...

.... and dishevelled doorways.

And in cute and discrete graffiti drawings that bring a smile -
if you're lucky enough to find them!

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www.PaperBagKits.com said...

What a great collection of peachey reddy bluey! See that a lot in your work - you have a great eye for colour!