Tuesday, September 24, 2013

i n d i g o * w e e k

^luna. 2013. weaving^

Did everyone enjoy the full moon last week?
It was so spectacular that it was hard to not be inspired by its luminosity and intensity.

Every year this full moon is particularly special. 
And as such it has a name. 
Its called The Harvest Moon, as farmers could work under its beautiful glow late into the night.

In the studio ive been working on a series of works for my solo exhibition next year. 
And my theme is the universe. 
So you can imagine how excited I was to witness this amazing moon in the indigo night sky.

While weaving this little bowl last week I watched the moon light up the night and I realised how connected we all are to the seasons, the shifts in temperature, the light, and to each other. And how artists are inspired to create what they see, think and feel while in the studio. 

So I decided to name this woven form Luna. 
In appreciation of the beautiful night sky...
and The Harvest Moon... 
that shone brightly whilst I was making it.

^The Harvest Moon. September. 2013^

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