Monday, September 16, 2013

v i s i t i n g

A quiet moment at the home of Honor Freeman.
These succulents looked very happy in her ceramic 'warp and weft' beakers -
made in her backyard studio.

While I was down in Adelaide, I spent some of my time at the lovely home of Honor Freeman and the two men in her life - Lucky and Flynn. They have a beautiful home in a quiet suburb in Adelaide - where most noise is created by a certain little man who loves to dance, dance dance!!

I love seeing the way other people live and feel the rhythms they create throughout their day...
I guess everyone is different. But to truly understand that concept, you need to see and feel the way people live and look at the creatures comforts and objects that make that homes special and unique.

As you can see from these few photos, Honors home has a beautiful sense of light, texture and detail.

Every object tells a story. 
And if you listen very quietly....
You can hear their stories.

Honors ceramic lemons quietly sitting on the window sill.

Waking up to home made bread.
Such a treat!

I normally love to sit on the floor so
this beautiful and well loved floor cushion is usually one of my favourite things
to sit + relax on....

Tiny shoes for a tiny little man.

On set.

Beautiful ceramic soap artworks by Honor.

Ceramic shavings... all in a pile.

Beautiful morning light...
Illuminating all the little things on the wooden ironing board.

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