Friday, September 13, 2013

r a d e l a i d e

*some of the amazing pieces that were started at Sundays weaving workshop at Gate8 studios in Thebarton last month*

The space! The space! Isnt it amazing?!
In a previous life - Gate8 was a Baptist Church in the working class suburb of Thebarton.
Now it houses 6 brilliant Australian artists, who have helped to restore and bring new life into the crumbling bones of this unique and historical space.

It was a full house at Saturdays weaving workshop...

...and as we worked we marvelled in wonder at all the artistic details
that were to be found on the ceilings, walls and floors.

Looks a little like The Last Supper... 

In the back workshop  - Deb Jones has created a truly brilliant space for her machines and tools.
And above it all sits the neon artwork by Neil Roberts (1954-2002) who was a true master craftsman.

Graffiti bathroom floor sketches by the talented Deb Jones.

Amazing woven artwork created by one of the students
 who had already envisaged how and where final piece and would sit in her home.
And if ever an artwork suited the personality of the maker - this weaving is it!

As you can see from this tiny recap - my weaving workshops in Adelaide last month were truly special.
Before I left Sydney I had no idea of the space, the people who would be coming, the warm and generous welcome I would receive, and the inspiration I would take back home with me.

It was a brilliant experience that could not have happened without the help of so many lovely people. So in a very Academy Awards acceptance speech type of way (before the music rolls on to tell me to get off the stage) I just wanted to quickly thank the beautiful Lauren Simeoni who did so much to make everyone feel so welcome (she even made a huge pot of home-made soup each day for all the students), Deb Jones, Honor Freeman, Rachel Harris, Katrina Freene (and her mum), Jess Loughlin, Christine Cholewa, Karen Zadra, and Mel Young who set the wheels in motion with the initial idea in the first place. 

Thank you everyone as I could have done it all without you....

I hope everyone who came along enjoyed their time making, chatting, laughing and playing. I really loved meeting so many new people and I hope to do it all again soon!! Fingers crossed.

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