Tuesday, October 1, 2013

four days // four ways

New weaving named renewal by friends on instagram,
as it reminded them of Spring.

We all lead incredibly complicated and varied lives. 
But its interesting how one week can share so many different moments and landscapes.
From the home, to the studio, to the inner city suburbs, to the pockets of beautiful bushland that act like a deep breath - 
our thoughts and conversations can switch and adapt many times during a month, a week and a day! 

Lately Ive been struck at how things can change within a few minutes. 
And how many different guises we put on throughout our days.
Which can be exhausting and stressful. 

Someone recently called me an old hippie at heart.
And after a bit of a laugh, I thanked them for the compliment, as lately I have come to a few realisations.

If you can be less rigid and very open with the movement of your days + weeks
Then you can be surprised and excited with what comes your way!
Not ground breaking stuff I know. 
But it taken me years to understand and embrace this well known fact 
and merrily throw away all my lists!

Ive had some lovely opportunity open up to me in the last few weeks
And instead of being stressed and anxious with everything on my plate -
Ive been really excited to open new doors
And explore what lies behind them.

Bring. It. On. October!

A lovely + relaxing weaving workshop at the studio last Saturday. 

Paste up in a Newtown laneway.
It was 30 degrees and in the inner city it felt more like 40!
It was noisy, it was hot, and in amongst it all was this calm owl... waiting to be noticed.

From an inner city laneway to an inner city bushland.
Last week I was looking for inspiration, and I found it here.

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

So true! Sounds like exciting times ahead! xx