Tuesday, October 8, 2013

(when too much fun is barely enough)

^ October weaving workshop @ The Studio ^

Do you know that saying...
When too much fun is barely enough.... ??

Well - that is what immediately sprung to mind when I started to write this post.

In the last two weeks Ive hosted two amazing weaving workshops at the studio, and met some lovely people along the way. 
And its all been in the name of fun.

It was interesting to listen to each persons story last Saturday and hear how everyone is trying to live+create - when there is little time to do either these days. We all know what we need to make us feel happy. And yet life - and our responsibilities -seem to be moving us away from the things that make us feel relaxed, connected to others, and less stressed.

At the moment there seems to be a HUGE revival for creative workshops and learning all manner of arts and crafts. Macramé, calligraphy, shibori fabric dying, screen-printing, skateboarding painting... anything and everything can be found in studio spaces and workshop rooms across the country. 

And while hands are getting dirty and new materials are being introduced to creatively starved minds - Im starting to realise that these workshops are really about the simple things in life - such as learning a new skill with your own two hands and having a conversation and a laugh with people who make us feel like we belong to a community - a community that knows and understands us through our creative passions and pursuits.

And that has to be celebrated.
Especially considering many art colleges and tafes are having to close their art departments. 
Lets hope this workshop craze continues.... and that more people get involved. 

Thank you to everyone who came to my workshops in the last two weeks.

(And to Tina who helped take these lovely photos on Saurday...)

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