Sunday, November 17, 2013

green covers grey

^inspiration... simple^

As the summery weather took a coffee break
And Sydney rediscovered what its like to be grey, wet and cold...
I think you can guess where I hibernated for most of the week?
The studio.

Although I did go on a few walks
to clear my thoughts
and hunt for inspiration.

And lucky for me - the inspiration I found
Was in the spectrum of green.
Which you can see.
(I swear I didnt mean to rhyme!)

I also stepped out of the studio on Thursday to see the beautiful solo show of Jenny Sages
at King Street on William Gallery which proved to be the biggest inspiration of them all,
as she is a true master
of colour, texture, and the most important thing...

Her work has heart and soul.
Which is something truly rare....

The grid that I look out of ... at the studio


Green on a grey day

This little woven bowl was made for Small Spaces in Redfern.
Its called Green Spaces. 

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