Monday, November 11, 2013

starting conversations

<^New series... making and taking shape^>

In the last few weeks a couple of you have guessed that I haven't been feeling 100% at the moment. 
Good guess everyone.
After being diagnosed with Crohns Disease at fifteen, and understanding, treating and reasoning with it for twenty two years, the well worn conversation about my health is one Ive initiated many many times with friends, family, and, from time to time... this blog. 

But lately Ive been resting. 
And going with the flow.
And quietly working in the studio on this new series of artworks.

I've let them to do the doing the talking for me.

So here is a sneaky look a few little works that will hopefully come together to form a solo show next year. 
Do they speak you? 

I hope so.

I love playing in the studio when everything is new, experimental and fun and youre at the very early stages of a new body of work when....

There are no rules or limitations.
There is just you, your imagination and your hands to create the work.

^Weaving and drawings are starting to have a conversation with each other. Slowly.
They are just trying to find the right words!^


Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Shell I love the dark blues and the hints of yellow in these pieces. Looking so good, my love xx

Kate said...

Seriously beautiful works. I can't wait to see your solo show, and pop along to another workshop one day in the future. I'm glad to hear you are taking it easy on yourself, I think it is having a good effect. x