Tuesday, December 3, 2013

a few drawings. a few paintings. and one old globe.

^one moment. one. view.
Pop up studio exhibition.
November 2013^

I honestly dont know where to begin with this post.
I think my silence last week spoke more than any words could.
Its December.
Its summer.
And Ive had my head down and my bum up in the air... trying to get through a pop up exhibition, hosting a workshop by my friend Tina Fox at the studio, and then teaching one final weaving workshop for the year at Koskela.
Yep. Its been crazy.
And now I have a whole heap of photos and stories to share. 
And I dont know where to begin!

So I might just start where my last post ended - and share a few photos from my pop up studio exhibition on Friday and Saturday.
As you can see from these few photos, I had many little drawings and sketches on the walls. Plus a prop or two (thank you trusty globe!). Most of these artworks had not been exhibited or seen by anyone before this moment. They were just drawings that I had placed in folders for me to look at and play with.
So I have to admit it was funny to see them all up on the white walls of the studio. 

But funny... in a good way.
Thank you to everyone who came along, said hello, complimented the works, and also bought! 
Im really excited that a few of them will now be a part of other peoples collections, and be seen on their white walls. 

In the next few days I will be making a donation from some of the proceeds of the sales to the Crohns and Colitis Association. And if you would like to know more about this worthy organisation, or make a donation to their Christmas Appeal,  please click here...


My globe makes a rare guest appearance in the tiny pop up show...
I think it enjoyed the attention!

Harbour Thread n Connections.
Mix media drawing on paper.

Another angle on things.

Rattle n Hum Series
 Mix Media drawing on paper

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