Tuesday, December 10, 2013

tis the season....

^Eve getting busy at the beautiful wooden workshop table at Koskela^

Its December.
Do I sound excited?
Mmmm... youre right. 
Im actually really tired and slow on my feet at the moment after a frantic start to the month.

From my previous past you would have seen a few images from my tiny pop up studio exhibition that I held a week or so ago. Well - as it is a crazy time at the moment - I thought I would make things even crazier by running my last workshop for the year on the same weekend! 
Yep. Im hilarious. Just ask my worn out body!!

Lucky for me I love teaching - especially when im in a lovely space surrounded by a whole lot of new people. Truly - I have met some amazing people through all my workshops this year. And this final wreath making class at Koskela's was no exception. 

As it was a small class I was able to have a chat with everyone and learn about their creative passions and pursuits. So by the end of the two hours I had really got to know a lovely group of people, that I will hopefully meet up with again at another workshop soon.

But here are a few images that I took at the end of the class.
And I hope you can see that making wreaths, decorations, and presents at this time of year can really be a worthwhile experience - especially if you share that experience with a group of family and/or friends.... over a few stories and a lot of laughs.

^ Foraged finds that were given to me by the lovely Nicole Robins -
an amazing Sydney based weaver who loves to work with
natural fibres in her weaving practice^

^ A wreath being constructed with a mix of coloured raffia and pods^

^Raffia in many amazing colours....^

^The start of another beautiful wreath using wool and raffia
in yellow, purple and blue^

^Four of my lovely students from my workshop Koskela this month ^

^ A few little bits n pieces that were floating around the table while we were making^

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Just gorgeous, Shell! You're a wonderful teacher.
Any pics of finished wreaths? xx