Monday, January 27, 2014

interwoven portraits pt 3

^just hanging.
Woven form by Amy^

Here are three portraits.
Of three lovely women.
Amy. Ruth + Mel.
Who all created unique and colourful collections of weavings, textiles + drawings during my Interwoven basketry/weaving course at Sturt earlier this month.


Thank you to Tracey, Mark and Alex from Sturt.
Thank you to Fiona, Eileen, Margaret, Shona, Amy, Mel and Ruth for sharing the creative ride with me and each other.
And thank YOU for coming to have a look at this tiny blog!
Seven years and still going strong!!
Cant believe it...


^textiles and weavings by Amy^


^mix media sculptural piece by Ruth^

^the weavings + drawings of Mel...
so colourful and fluid^

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Steve Fox said...

Oh Michelle, its all so gorgeous x what a lucky bunch of people to have you as a tutor! not surprised you needed a holiday afterwards!