Thursday, January 30, 2014

e s c a p e

^heaven in the form of magnetic island in far North Queensland^

After Christmas. After an intensive teaching week at Sturt.
It was time to fly the coop.
And immerse myself in everything that summer has to offer.

I took up a lovely offer from a dear friend to run away to a tropical island for a few days last week.
And boy - was it one of the best decisions Ive made in years!!
There was no phone. No computer. No traffic.
Just a beach. A book. And lovely people to relax with.

Here are a few photos from Magnetic Island...
before the tropical storms arrived and washed all the sunshine away.

That happened a couple of days after we left.
And I feel very lucky indeed.

^tropical pit stop^

^ shady spot^

^surrounded by the colours and textures on summer^

^my little spot to walk, write, and just daydream^

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