Monday, January 27, 2014

interwoven pt 1

^The beautiful grounds at Sturt College in Mittagong^

^a tiny detail^

^fading light^

^a view of the main office, next to their shop and gallery^

^a view of my amazing class... busy talking and working!^

^A mix media jug - made by first time weaver Eileen^

Just to set the scene ...
Here are a few images of the beautiful grounds of Sturt College, plus a photographic introduction to my amazing class, who acted like a close - if somewhat dysfunctional family - after six days creating, talking and exploring in my basketry mix media weaving course at Sturts' summer school earlier this month.

It was such an emotional week for us all, that by Saturday, there were many hugs and long goodbyes.

We just having too much fun and waned to keep making... as we took a break from our real lives in order to reconnect with our creative selves and share with like-minded people.
So brilliant and so inspiring.

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