Monday, January 13, 2014

home + studio visit with Mel Young

^Colour and textures on the living room table
at Mel Young's family home in Rozelle^

Not one but three posts in one day!
And on a Monday morning too!

Please forgive me but im excited after spending a magical week teaching, talking and meeting some amazing Australian artists' and art lovers. And I thought I would impart some of my creative energy onto you!  Its art shock therapy! So we can start the new year on a colourful and creative vibe.
I hope you dont mind?

Now, if you've been reading and following this tiny blog for the past few years, you may already know the lovely work of Mel. And if you've been really observant, you would have seen her colourful Petersham studio loft, when I featured it in a project I was calling 'In our Hands'.

I was on a personal quest with the the 'In Our Hands' project as I have a deep fascination with how artists' like to work in the studio. So I thought I would start snooping around a few art studios in Sydney, watch people at work, and ask questions about their inspirations, experiences of working as an artist, and their creative habits and routines in the studio.

(If you're curious to look at some of these posts, please click onto the label 'In our hands' at the bottom of this post.)

But getting back to Mel - in the last few months Mel, her partner Mark, and beautiful three year old son moved to the lovely Sydney suburb of Rozelle. And a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit her new studio space and take a few photos.

I hope you enjoy this second studio visit for 2014!
Thank you Mel and family for letting us view your new space!

^Mel surrounded by the beautiful light of her new studio space^

^Earthy collection in Mel's home^

^The warm colours that cover one shelf in the living room^

^The top shelf where tiny fingers cant reach!^

A^ tiny weaving by Mel and a ceramic cup by Keiko Matsui^

^Beautiful charcoal ceramic pieces from Mel's home collection^

^Precious art pieces mix in with happy memories on the living room shelves^

^I love a colourful fridge!
Especially where is happens to spell out some 'fun' vocab^

^A small small snippet of Mel's succulent collection in the backyard
that migrated with her  to Rozelle^

^The colourful vignettes continue into the studio^

^Artworks, ideas, postcards, jewellery pieces and experiments.... in the studio^

^The desk ...
and an smorgasbord of colourful and creative things to play with^

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Jody Thompson said...

Yay! I haven't seen Mel's new place yet. Maybe you can encourage Mel to do some more blogging :)