Tuesday, February 4, 2014

s w i n g

^hand painted textile fabrication for new artworks^

The pendulum.
Did you feel the shift from January to February?
Geez I did.
Especially today.

It was as if everyone woke up from their dreamy summer slumber and decided that it was time to wake up, shake the sand off their feet and get back into 'stuff'. Stuff like new projects, new emails, new conversations and events. School started for parents, teachers and kids in the last week too... so the Summer holidays are officially over. It even rained today in Sydney. The first grey day in about two months or more...

This week also marked my officially re entry into the studio.
Ive been working and sorting out my space, and my head space, as I gear up for a solo exhibition in late July.
I have also announced three new workshops at Koskela and the studio in the last few days too.

And in amongst it all Im starting to realise that 2014 already has a new feel to it.
Im excited for the opportunities and experiences to come...
And the journey that is just beginning to swing into place.

^tiny weaving goes for a swing^

^ new drawings taking shape as they hang on the studio wall^

^trying to find the right marks with my new series of drawings and weavings^

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

The shift happened about a month ago for us, but that's the northern hemisphere for you!
Wow, such a lot to look forward to, bring it! x