Monday, March 24, 2014

d e t a i l s

^Mixed media weaving, 2014 (detail)
It is part of the new series for my solo show in July...^

Its been really hard to hide all my new work that Im dreaming of, playing with, and thinking about in the studio at the moment. 
Especially since it is the central preoccupation of my tiny life, until it is all unveiled to the public in July.

Imagining a whole body of new work and then having the time and space to complete it is becoming a difficult proposition for many creative people these days. So im very cognisant of the fact that Im very lucky to be in this position. And trying to not waste a single moment of it! 

So most days you'll find me in the studio talking to myself, singing to all the inanimate objects that share the space with me, and making a mess on the floor and walls with all manner of weaving and drawing materials. Ive also been taking a few moments to enjoy the last few days of this beautiful Autumnal sunshine before it says goodbye for another year.

I hope you can see a few linking elements throughout these images. 
The theme for this exhibition is The Quantum matrix, the stars, and the strands and threads of energy that tie and bind us together within this massive multi-verse that we all inhabit and share. 

I know. Its a BIG subject to try and tackle. 
But im enjoyed the challenge.

Detail from a mix media drawing on paper, 2013

The start of a new coil weaving... 2014

Going... BIG

Detail from a drawing on paper. 2013

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