Tuesday, March 18, 2014


(centennial park)

Seasons are changing.
Colours are shifting.
Elements are readjusting.
And time... well... its going fast.
As always.

But lucky for me im back walking.
My body has been giving me a renewed sense of energy and good health after a tough 2013, and as such, I feel taking advantage of this happy circumstance by getting out onto the streets, parks, and pathways and soaking in the shift in seasons.

At the moment life is incredibly busy. 
Nothing changes in that regard.
But if I can take five minutes to walk, breathe, listen, and reconnect with something other than the crazy pace of life then Im happy... even for just a few moments. 

And how can you complain with nature like this on your doorstep.
I hope you enjoy....


(centennial park)

(flat rock gully)


(above centennial park)


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