Monday, March 10, 2014

Open studio // Workshop playtime

^The beautiful kids weaving workshop I held at my studio on March 2 for the
Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST) Weekend^

March has signalled its intentions. 
It has stated in no uncertain terms that it means business! Literally! 
And to kick it off - the first two days of the month were spend celebrating two big events on the Sydney calendar - The Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras festival and Art Month 2014

As I am working in a Marrickvile council residency studio space I had the privilege of being asked to take part in Art Month's Marrickville Open Studio Trail - which is an event where local artists' open up their studios to the public and host talks, tours and workshops. 

I decided to host two workshops for the public.
And boy were they busy! 

It all started with the adult weaving workshop on the Saturday which was filled with old and new faces - all wanting to escape the rain and get creative for the start of Autumn. And even though everyone was packed around the big table like a can of sardines it was a truly a fun class - made even more special for the fact that everyone enjoyed each other company.

By contrast Sundays kids weaving workshop was a picture of complete serenity. It was calm, quiet and industrious as parents and kids worked with rope and wool to create the beginnings of some beautiful little bowls. It was such a lovely way to end an extremely busy weekend, and a great way to meet the public and invite them to share and play...

^A beautiful coil woven bowl by Olive that was nearly completed by the end of the class...^

^colour co-ordination!^

^busy hands.
concentrated faces...^

^On Saturday I held an adult weaving workshop and boy - was it a big class!
But it was such a fun morning with lots of old and new faces all sharing
their creativity and stories around the big table^

^Wool n raffia^

^The gang
surrounded by colour and conversation^

^The lovely Pernille and the beginnings of a new woven bowl^

^Giving a demonstration while Christal took
a photo of the table in a state of colour chaos!^

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Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

Looks fantastic! Some familiar faces too! And that dress, Shell, is stunning. xx