Wednesday, April 30, 2014

while waiting for the rain....

^raffia weaving. 2014^

Sorry for my silence this past week.
Ive been out on the street painting murals
And absolutely loving it.
Well - aside from the wind, rain, noise, and car + truck fumes.

But what has surprised me is the lovely reactions and interactions that ive had so far with the locals.
And when I say locals - I mean professionals in suits!
Id didnt think people looked up to say hello to random people on the street these days, let alone stop and positively react to someone painting a very colourful artwork on the street.

Goes to show to you that you should never make quick assumptions and generalisations.


Todays images come courtesy of the rain and my general exhaustion.
I havent been and to paint everyday.
So while I wait for the weather...
and for my body to recover...
Ive been weaving and taking a few photos of Autumn -
that has truly arrived to say hello!

^crossed out^

^collecting colour^

^shiny footpaths + fallen treasures^

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