Thursday, June 5, 2014

touring the future and the past

^ a quiet spot at Carriageworks in Sydney - a venue for the 19th Sydney Biennale^

Over the last week Ive been busy.
Busy taking advance of the beautiful + unseasonably hot weather.
And busy trying to catch up on all the exhibitions that are soon to say goodbye to the city.

This long weekend marks the final days of the VIVID festival (still on the to do list) and the 19th Sydney Biennale - that opened in four venues across the city in March. 

Now... at this point I have to admit something to you.
I can be a bit of a Johnny come lately when viewing exhibitions. Its not that I drag my heels to see art. Its just that I am alittle selfish - and like to see all these festival and exhibitions after everyone else has been and gone - so a can quietly walk through them! 

I love viewing art in silent spaces, and be able to sit and think in my own time and not queue to view each artwork on the wall. Plus - as you may have already guessed - Im quite short - and crowds are usually unforgiving to people that are deficient in the height department!

Anyway - after taking myself to the AGNSW, the MCA, and Carriageworks - 
yesterday marked my last day with the Biennale. And Id left the best till last.

Cockatoo Island. One of my favourite spots in Sydney.
And I took my Dad for his first visit (he appears in one of my photos later in this post.)
It was lovely to take him with me and show him some contemporary art while walking around this historic island.

But all in all it was a mixed Biennale for me. 
The Australian artistic director, Juliana Engberg, is a great admirer of video art pieces, which can sometimes leave me cold. I always look for the handmade aspect in an artwork and there werent many to locate in this years Biennale - entitled Imagine All that you Desire. 

But funnily enough my one of my favourite artworks from Cockatoo Island was a video work by Augustin Rebetez and Noe Cauderay - entitled Maison (2012) - which was an amazing stop animation piece that was incredibly detailed and inspiring.

But what always inspires me is the venues and especially Carriageworks and Cockatoo Island.
I hope you enjoy my images from the past few days....
And find some art in your Long Weekend!

^ a wall that could tell a thousand stories.

^collecting colour.

^In the beautiful sunshine
at Cockatoo island
to see the final leg of the Biennale^

Cockatoo Island^

^im not ashamed to say it...
Im addicted to taking photos out at the island.
Everything inspires me out there^
^I took my dad out with me to see the island and some of the contemporary art.
He wasnt sure about the art, but he loved the island...^
^volunteer work station inside the Turbine Hall.
So much restoration still needs to be carried out - and a lot of retired men and women
spend their days hammering, gluing and painting the history back together -
piece by piece^

^one of my dad's favourite artworks at Cockatoo Island.
Its by Australian artist
Mikala Dwyer^

^colour and texture...
These are a few of my favourite things^

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