Sunday, June 1, 2014

woven connections

New woven form in raffia ... 2014

Its June.
Its winter.
And ive been hibernating.

And I have to admit its been lovely to take a deep breath and just be quiet and still. 
Especially in the studio.

When I moved into the Camperdown space in January 2013 I immediately named it The White Room - as that is what it is - a blank canvas. And after the last few months of working on big projects that have drawn my focus outside - and literally onto the streets - its been lovely to clean it out and refocus my attention on smaller, more detailed drawings and coil woven objects, that make me sit and think in a quiet and thoughtful way. 

And now that Winter has well and truly arrived with a rainy, grey dark day today  ... 
Im looking forward to this new season ahead.

Which may surprise a few of my mates who know me to be a warm weather/summer/beach kind of gal.
Maybe check in with me in a few weeks to see how my new relationship with the cold weather is going? 

oh and one quick update - I have one more workshop next Saturday at the studio and there are a few places left. If you would like all the details please click here... cheers 

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