Tuesday, September 30, 2014

was it all a dream...

^blending into the landscape on Magnetic Island, QLD^

Im back im back.
Wish I wasnt... but doesn't everyone say that after a magical holiday by the beach?!

I had been aching for this trip after a mammoth few months with the exhibition...
plus a commission and workshop thrown in for good measure.

I needed to recharge the batteries. Breathe.
And just stare at the landscape and drink in all the colours of Magnetic Island in far North Queensland.

At the start of the year I was lucky enough to be introduced to this amazing place after I was invited to join a few friends for an end-of-summer getaway.
And I immediately fell in love with the place, as it reminded me of Australia in the 80s.

Life up there is easy, tranquil and the locals are incredibly friendly. And if you happen to be there on a Wednesday evening, the local pub at Alma Bay holds toad races to support the local services like the surf life saving club and the preschool.
What more could you want?!

But the most beautiful aspect of the island is the landscape.
Beaches, mangroves, forests, amazing rock formations... its all there.
And if youre very lucky you may befriend a kookaburra... or two.
^mangroves by the beach at Picnic Bay^

^Alma Bay surf life saving club... at peak hour!^

^they grow em BIG in Queensland^

^Picnic Bay at dusk^

^The Bougainvillea's are very happy and colourful on the island^

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