Thursday, October 2, 2014

b l u e

^ Manly^

Watch out.
Im back collecting blue again.
Its the colour of the sky... the sea... the night.
Its the colour can symbolise communication... trust... wisdom,.. faith.
It can make people calm. relaxed. peaceful.

For me it means all those things and so much more.
For me it symbolises harmony and truth.
And it just makes me happy.

Sydney is bathed in blue this week.
And I cant stop wearing it.

When I get back to the studio to work on some new pieces
im sure ill be like a bower-bird
surrounding myself in it and make my hands dirty with it.

It always happens this way.
Spring makes me happy and so does this beautiful colour
in all its forms and hues.

^Shelley beach in Spring^

^Light Runs through it.2012^

^stitch and rhythm. 2014^

^October skies^

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