Monday, October 27, 2014

just visiting

^a quiet corner .. in a quiet backyard..  in a lovely home.. of a good friend^

Im not sure how much I want to say about these images.
Im hoping they will just speak for themselves - 
and tell you what a lovely time I had visiting the home of a good friend. 

When I go on holidays I usually do it in two parts.
After the amazing time I had in Magnetic Island, 
it was lovely to follow that up with a trip that involved 
lots of creative and relaxing time in a home that constantly inspires me.

As you can see....

^studio shadows^

^mood board^

^the afternoon light^

^flynn. aged 2 and a bit^

^bookshelf samples, test pieces and magazines... ^

^flynn was here^

^buttery colours and afternoon light^

^hello ms freeman^

^lounge-room envy... such a beautiful collection of ceramic, glass and indigenous artworks^

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