Monday, November 3, 2014

Gettin messy

^Lucinda getting messy building a drawing at my abstraction workshop at the studio in October^

Hello November. 
Dont know if im quiet ready for you yet -
But im already loving your hot sunny days....

As everyone starts to organise dates in the calendar for end of year catch ups and celebrations I feel like i want to try and slow down a little, as October was a mad month - full of surprises in both the good and bad columns.

One great thing that happened a week or so ago though, was my last abstract drawing workshop for 2014. It was held in a workshop room connected to my studio and was filled with lots of lovely and creative people all ready to get messy with a plethora of art materials and ideas.

I dont know if you can feel the energy that they created in the room that day from these images, but let me say it was exciting to see everyone get completely into the moment and let go! 

It was truly inspiring and a great way to end my workshop year.

Last week I sadly moved studios. So the last few weeks of the year will see me knuckle down and finish off commissions that need to get out of my head and onto a fresh canvas and piece of paper.

So it feels right to say thank you to EVERYONE who came to a workshop this year.
It was a brilliant year for collaborating and creating -
with every class bringing a new conversation, idea and connection. 

Bring on 2015!


^Jasmin finding new ways to make marks... with as many materials and colours as possible^

^Lucinda setting out a few shapes on the floor^

^dirty hands, knees and legs means it is was a great class!^

^playing with as many ideas as possible^

^moving shapes along the floor to create a drawing...^ 

^hands blending into the artwork^

^John creating a beautiful artwork on the floor^

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