Monday, February 2, 2015

the design files

Getting our photo for The Design Files before Saturdays opening of art/vert
... at Saint Cloche in Paddington.
Photo Credit: Nikki To for The Design Files
(from left) Luisa Brimble, Evo O, me, Tara Burke, Alex Standen,
Emily Besser, Amber Cresswell Bell, Fiona Chandler, Ali Wood and Alison Fraser
(and missing from the pic... Drew Truslove)

What a weekend.
What an opening.
And its all documented for posterity on The Design Files today. 

Thank you Amber for all your hard work and for putting together such a lovely show. 
And thank you to Kitty and all the people that worked so tirelessly to get the Saint Cloche gallery space, and this show, off the ground - in January!!

It really is a beautiful concept... art and plant-life exhibited together in a light filled and airy gallery space. All the artists have created a unique collection of works all responding to the idea of nature and landscape. And all of the ten artists involved seemed to have created a series that is harmony with everyone else on display. Which is rare!

The exhibition is open everyday (10-5pm) at Saint Cloche until Sunday Feb 8. 

I know ill be back a few more times to enjoy it.

In situ... and surrounded by beautiful greenery.
Photo Credit: Amber Creswell Bell

(from left)
The work of Evi O, Emily Besser, Luisa Brinble, Evi O and Drew Truslove

The beautiful, light filled space of Saint Cloche in Paddington
Photo Credit: Nikki To for The Design Files

(from left) Emily Besser, Luisa Brimble, Evi O and a whole lot of lovely plants...
Photo Credit: Nikki To for The Design Files

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