Friday, March 6, 2015

interwoven 2015

^Beautiful multi media coil woven artwork by Gina...
who had never woven before!^

This post has been a long time a'comin!! 
Nearly two months to be exact. 
Where those two months have flown to - I have NO IDEA! 
It has been an insanely busy start to 2015. 
And even though Ive often thought about posting on this tiny blog, 
Ive rarely made it to my desk to compile and write.

But today im so happy to finally share some images with you of my Sturt summer school course that took place at the beginning of January. And let me tell you it was hard to cull down these photos as I had about 100 beautiful images to choose from. 

The course was entitled Interwoven: from abstract drawing to multi media coil weaving - and yes - that is complicated title for a summer school course. I believe many of my students were confused (fair enough!) and just took a punt when enrolling. 

I just couldn't think of another way of describing it - as over the week long course - each student draws with lots of different materials; paints their own textile designs onto fabric; and then finally learns how to coil weave with many materials including raffia, plastic, rope, fabric, etc.

It is a fun, colourful and and extremely creative class and no two coil woven artworks are the same. 
Everyone creates something within their own aesthetic + style. And that's the most exciting thing - seeing all the work come together for the exhibition on the last day, and realising that everyone found their own way through the course by creating something unique to them.

Plus we all got to meet and get to know a whole new group of amazing people.

Thank you again to Mark, Tracey, and all the team at Sturt.
And thank you to all my amazing students! 
I hope you enjoy these images from the week...

This year I wont be teaching many workshops but for ART MONTH 2015 - I will be giving one adult multi media coil weaving workshop in my Camperdown studio. 

All the details can be found here...

^Sturt campus in Mittagong. Such an inspiring place to stay and create^

^One of my returning students Ruth - who is an amazing weaver and all-round lovely person^

^Vanessa - getting her hands around the beginnings of a beautiful piece^

^The mark makings of Gina^

^ Mel - another lovely returning student - who decided to try working with 3D coil weaving^

^This is her amazing completed object^
^This colourful multi textured bowl was by Jane -
who was another new student to this week long workshop^

^An amazing sculptural woven piece by Zoe -
who incorporated some of her hand made textile fabric into the piece^

^The beginning of a large coil woven form by Ruth.
On the right are some of her abstract mark making drawings that inspired the coiled object^

^This multi media installation piece was created by Kath -
who was taking it home to finish as it was going to be MASSIVE^

^A beautiful 3D sculpture by Joanna - who again - had never tried coil weaving before^

^Mel's mood board - complete with abstract drawings,
hand made textile designs & multi media coil woven forms^

^At the end of every day it was lovely to walk into the the gardens at Sturt... and relax!^


Corinne (aka Rinny of Arabia) said...

What a gorgeous spot! I miss greenery and lushness. x

Carmen said...

Some really interesting pieces and great photos. Thanks for sharing.