Thursday, September 24, 2015

pastel sky

After Rome. After Venice. After the craziness of the Biennale... it was time for a break. 
It was time for a tiny trip to the beach. 
So I packed my bags and jumped on a couple of trains down the East coast of Italy to a place called Porto San Giorgio. 

And within a few hours I had fallin in love - with the place, the people and the light. 
This area of Italy is not on many tourist itineraries, so many people dont speak English. But they dont have to as its a vacation spot for Italians - and very smart people that have been tipped off about this place. 

It kinda felt like a beach town from the 1950s - with beach clubs up and down the coast and everyone riding bikes and sitting on deck chairs. But then at night the town turned into one big nightclub with amazing DJs playing on cabana rooftops. So it had something for everyone.

I was actually there for a wedding. 
And after a few days of sunshine, and one big night celebrating with friends and family I was refreshed and ready for my next destination. 

But wished I had been able to stay alittle longer in the pick glow of this beautiful town by the Adriatic sea. 
But Greece was calling...


Fish! Fresh Fish!

getting ready for the night to begin...

The beautiful beach... in the pick glow of dusk.

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