Thursday, September 17, 2015

Venice art binge

I came. I saw. I drank it ALL in.

Venice every two years becomes an art lovers paradise - and if you're lucky enough to experience the pleasures of Venice while completely draped with art from across the world then you are a truly lucky person indeed.

This year I was able to spend five days walking, thinking, exploring and playing in Venice...
and have to say it was truly amazing.

The 56th Venice Biennale curated by Okwui Enwezo entitled All the Worlds Futures was a smorgasbord of colours, ideologies, textures and technologies - and it took me two days to fully devour it all. Some of my favourite National pavilions in The Giardini were the Australian, the Japanese, the French, the English and the Dutch. And Ive got a few photos of those pavilions to share. 

But what I truly loved was all the off site shows that were scattered around the city like gold dust. You needed a map and alot of energy and patience to see them all - and believe me - I only managed to find a handful of them. But the hunt was worth the effort. Each time Id find an exhibition down a dark alleyway I always felt like I had achieved a tiny victory... and that the complicated network of Venetian streets hadnt beaten me!

Two other non Biennale exhibitions that I loved were Paradise : a solo exhibition of Cy Twombly's work, and Proportio: an incredibly detailed and poetic group show that was exhibited in the Palazzo Fortuny. Both left me completely inspired and excited, as they were so special and so incredibly unique. 

I know we are lucky enough to have some great galleries and exhibitions here in Australia but seeing these shows in a city like Venice felt like a gift. 

I hope you enjoy these few photos I have from my trip in June...

Chiharu Shiota, The Key in the Hand, installation, Japanese Pavillion

Fiona Hall, Wrong Way Time, installation, Australian Pavillion 

Woven pieces by The Tjampi Desert Weavers
- part of Fiona Hall's artwork installation in the Australian Pavillion 

Revolutions by Celeste Boursier-Mougenot in the French Pavillion

One of two amazing sculptural pieces by Jaume Plensa (Barcelona) entitled Together
that was installed in the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore on the Island of San Giorgio

This was the second sculpture by Jaume Plensa that was in the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore.
This steel hand looked like it was floating about the Nave

The first room of the Proportio exhibition in the Palazzo Fortuny -
curated by Axel Vervoordt & Daniela Ferretti.
Blew my mind!!

Anish Kapoor installation

Lucia Bru installation entitled Aerocubes (2015)

Art and wall textures merge!
Painting by Kees Goudzwaard called Build Up (2014)

Two beautiful Cy Twombly paintings
from his solo exhibition at Ca' Pesaro Museo in Venice. 

Posters line the streets of Venice letting you know that you are surrounded by art art art!!

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