Monday, November 6, 2017

r e d s p e c t r u m

Im back doing one of my favourite things.
Collecting colour.
And his time it's through the red spectrum -
which is not a place I usually gravitate toward.
But there is something alluring about it.

I love its intensity, its warmth, its resonance with nature.
For me red means Earth - the base and grounding of all things.
Its a beautiful colour to find in nature - from the changing of the leaves in the Autumn trees, to the rich ochre's that the Indigenous peoples use to paint and mark themselves and their artworks with.

There are a lot of books written about red - and its meaning within different cultures around the globe. From lust, love, celebration, marriage, religion and revolution.
It truly is a colour with many interpretations and resonances.

From now until February Ill be dreaming, playing and getting by hands dirty with red pigment for a new exhibition project that opens in early March.

This will be interesting....

Bridget Kennedy's  'Choice Mate - Site 5' beeswax,
pigment soil and found object installation
@ North Sydney Art Prize 2017

Autumn colours
Northbridge Sydney 

Beautiful Jewellery art piece from
Bulay (i), Buku Larrnggay Mulka Artists
with Indigenous Jewellery Project
@ Australian Design Centre Sydney 

Quiet moment on a very busy Burano Island

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