Friday, November 3, 2017


My white cube of a studio has been a busy place in the past 12 months.
Thinking, reworking, drawing, painting, weaving, teaching, meeting and incubating.
Cant ask for more really.

Instead of writing on this space Ive found that ive been writing tiny parcels of poetry in a diary that walks* with me each and every day.

Maybe the appeal is in the anonymity?
The search for quiet spaces to relax and reflect?
Maybe its the counter point to twitter, insta and all the other virtual places we pour our energy into?

These three images are three moments throughout 2017.
More to come....

*when i say walk what I really mean is that is schleps around in my big and heavy bag each and everyday. The things we do....

Painting entitled 'The breeze moves through the seasons' 2017
It was exhibited in a group show at Sheffer Gallery in September with
the lovely work of Emily Besser and Mignon Steele

A series of drawings and a small blue painting entitled
'Coral Creek' 2017. All of these pieces minus the red drawing were exhibited
in the group show called solace - that was at Sheffer Gallery in September.

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