Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just because.....

Love this image! Ive loved it from the moment I first saw it dislayed in the Head On portrait prize exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography...It actually won first prize and I was so happy for Janyon as it is such a beautiful shot!!

Textural, raw + emotional Janyon has really captured a 'moment' in time that feels natural and in a way.... poetic.

Well to me anyway... I know my taste can be alittle off centre!
Head on finished in June but its one to remember for next year...

This portrait is also lovely ... its by Alberto Sanchez...and youve got to love the sense of nostalgia in it. Quiet and composed he sits... and watches.... on a tv that is now considered prehistoric by today's standards!!

If these photos have given you a hankering for more great photography, then I suggest heading over to Hyde Park for the Sydney Life show in the park! I walked through it the other day and its as good as ever...Diverse, contemplative and funny, this open air show is one of the best public art displays the city methinks!!

The shots by Birgit Neiser {Cityscape on Cockatoo Island} and Kasia Werstak {Applause} are particuarly good...

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