Tuesday, October 27, 2009

T o p s h e l f .

Just a few little pics from the shelf.
Thought id have a play with them
before I take them down
and rearrange.
Porcelain pieces from some of my favourite artists
found glass from Edinburgh
Bits n pieces found on the street
+ some special gifts from some lovely people....

Hope your day is going well and that you're finding some nice cubby houses to play and hide away in... The rain is lovely but being warm and snug is even better...

s w i t c h ....

Big congratulations to the lovely Honor Freeman for featuring on the cover of Vogue Living this month with one of her Pourer pieces from Collect! Its a beautifully serene cover with Jonathan Baskett and Sandra Bowkett also featured... It's so nice when Vogue goes quiet and just focuses on crafty still life shots!
Great summer colours too...
I think most people know that I'm a mad yellow person who does wear it in every hue possible!!

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