Friday, January 15, 2010

tired but creatively excited....

I simply cannot believe that it is Friday! I know in the west we have created this concept of 'time' with a 24 hour clock and 7 days in a week, and that over the last few decades we have sped our lives up to the frenzied pace that we now experience. But i still find it hard to believe how fast we move through our day...our week....!!

It is truly amazing and it makes me feel like 2010 will be completed in the blink of an eye...

I really notice this effect because of the effect that it has on my tiny body these days! I guess you could say its the fact that I'm getting on in age! But I do notice that when a week has been particularly fast and Ive crammed alot into it, my body is very slow to get revved up... My doctors always say pay to all the signs that your body makes and listen very very carefully to what its trying to tell you... and today its telling me to 'sit down and chill the f%*& out!!'

Strong language I know but as you may have guessed when I'm tired I become feisty tiny!!! But its hard to sit still at the moment as I am working with the 'creative bug'; a shy and quiet creature that makes a rare appearance every blue moon!

Well today there is a solar eclipse... but you get what I mean!

Ive had a brilliant time at the Primrose Studio this week drawing, thinking, playing and reinventing! The work im doing at the moment feels like some of the best that Ive done in a long long time...probably since 2002/3 when I had a window of opportunity to complete a large body of work for my first solo exhibition - The girl from Ipanema at the Arthouse Hotel.

Geez that seem like another lifetime...!
Small Spaces, oil on canvas, 2003

In 2003 i worked big, i embraced big colour and tackled my nemesis...the stretched canvas! This year im retracing some old ground with the colour, the scale and energy of the mark making. However this time it feel different; Ive changed and as such the work has changed. All the years previous have lead me to this point and the work feels more.... mature???I'm not sure what it is yet...but im excited by what is happening and where it may lead to... Some artists' call this - the finding of your own language, your own style.

For me it feels like I'm finding a new series which looks like my old work but with a little something different....

{to be continued...}

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