Thursday, April 1, 2010

The fool....

....and the winner of this years April fools day prize may just be me!
Unless any one else gives me just cause as to why they should take out the coveted prize?!

Why I believe I may be the fool in this years deck of cards is that I am becoming lost in the year, and more specifically, what day or time of the year it is... Such as remembering that tomorrow is Good Friday and that it is actually Easter this weekend! People keep reminding me, prompting me and asking what I will be doing this weekend...
My reply... ummm working at the normal stuff; totally unaware that they were wondering what I will be doing this Easter long weekend! So...I guess I am the boring one this year, with no plans...
I hope you will be doing something interesting such as The Easter show, going away, visiting friends or seeing some sport or art!

One show I quickly went to see yesterday, as I went art supply shopping at Parkers, was the Almanac exhibition at the MCA... Almanac is an exhibition which displays the collection of donated artworks that have been gifted to the MCA from Ann Lewis AO in the last decade or so. The works are mainly paintings from Australia and more specifically contemporary Aboriginal and abstract artists'. So as you can gather I was very interested and in my element. Some of the artists in Almanac are Mikala Dwyer, John Firth-Smith, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Rosella Namok, Callum Innes, Rosalie Gascoigne and Louise Weaver, with her photographic work Liberty or Love 2002 (image below).

It all flowed well together and if you love alot of colour and texture then this is the show for you... I looked around for about half an hour and it was nice to just stroll around and enjoy some paintings on the walls that you can just look at and admire, rather than viewing and deciphering a work with alot of text!

Another quick thing I wanted to mention was a brilliant doco that I caught the other night which was called Peter Berner's Loaded Brush. Peter is a well known Australian comedian who also studied to be an artist at The National Art School. For an experiment in torture, the doco follows Peter on a ten week journey of discovery as he tries to paint a self portrait to enter the Archibald prize! On the way he also interviews artists' who have entered, been finalists and in some cases won.
But the fun is had when you see Peter try to paint full time, witnessing the ups and downs of his self confidence and the frustrations he encounters! A real eye opener for anyone who would like to know what its really like to be an artist. And for me...I laughed all the way through and realised that we are all the same...complete fools and a little bit nutty!
Happy Easter and enjoy the chocolate treats from the bunny!

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