Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In our hands.... Honor Freeman.

Anyone else love to peer into artist spaces...
look through studios, flick through art diaries
and read about how others harness their creativity and produce beautiful works of art???
I do.... and last year I had an epiphany...
Why don't I ask a few people to open up their spaces
and creative minds to us on this tiny blog?
So we can all experience how artists' make and create!

So ...finally its here!
The project that Ive been sitting on since last year...

In our hands ...
An artists' diary...

And lucky for us the very talented ceramic artist
Honor Freeman has opened up her studio and creative
mind to us....
I hope you enjoy...

TT: What is a typical day for you in the studio? are there any typical days?
Are they structured? Fluid? Are you playful, organised, or ordered?

HF: I'm more of a morning person....
I like an early start, and my ideal day would begin with a swim,
a coffee, and then get all my computery stuff out of the way....
I then pop to the studio
.....and put the radio on!
I like a list: it offers the promise of organisation!
But anything can happen...
throwing, turning, slip-casting, moulding making, glazing, firing,
sanding, daydreaming ... procrastinating!!

A rhythm forms when a deadline is imminent.
Clay is very dependant on the weather and time; they form a tight
little friendship....
TT: How does inspiration come to you?
e.g. in a dream? When you first wake up in the morning?
While talking with someone? Meditating? Walking?
HF: A line from a song...
A word in a book....
When I'm on a journey somewhere....
in-between places...
On boats, in cars, or walking. It usually happens
when I am relaxed and there is no deadline.

TT: What is your process? Sketches/diary/travel?
HF: There is no recipe; it varies every time.Sometimes the process
informs the work - happy accidents and playing with materials.
Other times I have a title for a work that a try to create
and occasionally it is a combination of both.
It's not something that comes on demand;
usually it comes in its own sweet time and I hope, and pray,
that it comes {together} on time....

TT: How do you resolve a project?
Do you know when a project or piece is finished?
HF: Often I am not convinced a piece is totally resolved.
Much of my work feels like unfinished sentences.Perhaps that is why
I continue to dredge up and return to many old ideas!

TT: What/Who are some of your creative influences?
HF: Uta Barth, Vija Celmins, Aton Riejnders, doorknobs,
Giorgio Morandi, a certain slant of light, stolen snippets of conversation,
small slices of the everyday -
I like to romanticise the everyday....

TT: What other mediums do you enjoy?
HF: I love the idea of drawing but my 2D
interpretation of the world is terrible - I'm working on it!
I like a little bit of textiles... Repetitive exercises that
make you loose track of time...

TT: Now for some quickfire questions...
Favourite colour?

The greens at the moment...limey dirty green...olive green,
emerald green, apple, avocado + pistachio green...

Favourite spot of Sydney?
I write this now having departed Sydney. My favourite spot
is the Freshwater ocean pool. I miss Freshwater Beach!

Favourite place for art supplies in the city?
Previously NSW pottery supplies,but now I love any art supplies
that can be ordered online ad delivered by road train!

And Finally....
Your best kept secret in Sydney?
Well if I told you it wouldn't be a secret would it!

Thank you Honor for sharing a tiny bit of your time
with us....
At the moment Honor is working in Tennant Creek, with an
arts organisation that provides assistance to remote
Indigenous art communities....
Her artistic studio seen here is now all packed up and awaiting
a new space in the near future...

But an installation of her work will be on display
in a group exhibition at Object Gallery called Blue
that opens at the end of July....

I was lucky enough to take these photos last year
when Honor was working on exhibition and production pieces...

I loved the day that I spent with Honor in her studio
and was able to play with some clay which was a treat!
I would never show you the fruits of that labour though...
I was just a pig in mud...marvelling at all the equipment,
drying cups, and porcelain test pieces!

Thank you again to Honor for sharing her time with us
and I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my new project...
let me know your thoughts!

Miss Honor Freeman...

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