Wednesday, September 29, 2010

C O L O U R !!

A funny little phenomenon
seems to happen
when I'm feeling low, lost,
out of the flow, or unwell...
I start to absolutely CRAVE colour!
A mate of mine that I have worked with for years
has picked up on this little 'quirk' of mine...
so whenever I walk into work
and I'm dressed in colour from top to toe
she immediately knows something is up
and quickly asks me....'whats up??'
I have to admit that I'm not in my usual
state of being this week...
And so I'm dressed in colour from top to toe
and looking for
anything that glows with vibrant colour!
Lucky then, that my mate from Ernabella
sent through these images
of the Ernabella exhibition
that was held at the amazing Desert Mob Arts Festival
that is held in Alice Springs every September...

How beautiful is all this colour and texture?!
Makes me immediately feel better...
giving my creative mind the giddiup that it so
desperately needs!!
One of my favourite artists' is the brilliant Niningka Lewis
who has a painting in this image, 3rd from the left...
Her work is so expressive of her life, her community, her colour stories and herself.

What an exhibition...!
Wall to wall colour that represents the amazing country that can
be found outside the city limits....

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