Monday, November 22, 2010

good things come....

in tiny packages!
to those who wait!
Both adages work this time...
as I can now show you my
new additions to the tiny family!!
Ive been a busy lady these last few weeks, working at the computer while the weather
decided to be difficult and unseasonably cold!
Whats the saying, 'turning lemons into lemonade?'
Yep...that's what Ive been doing...!
I decided to get some ideas out of my head and into reality,
starting with these cards
that you see before you...
I decided that one, or maybe two designs was not going to be enough...
I needed about 20!!
And luckily I could do it!
Don't they look like
playing cards???
So that was package no.1....

Package no.2 was this!
Ive gone ahead with placing some of my
drawings onto fabric which will then be re-worked and
embroidered for the store.
Some designs worked, some didn't...
but either way I'm enjoying the process!
One thing though...
I miss doing it by hand and screening the images onto the fabric...
But a few of these designs are a bit tricky and I'm not sure if
I could replicate them by hand?
Food for thought though...

And finally...
package or gift no.3!
This one is my favourite!
Last week I was presented with a lemon yellow
leaf neck piece
by the lovely Mel Young!
and thank you for this belated gift

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