Friday, December 10, 2010

artificial sweetners....

Belongil is the most amazing place.
Ive been visiting this tiny beach hamlet since 1998
when a good good fiend of mine, Amy, took me up there
to calm my body + mind after going through
a stressful operation and writing a thesis for a degree at uni!
I was pooped, and Belongil and amy gave me a window
out of my miseries...
So ever since I've been periodically travelling up to
this magical place to unwind and listen to
the ocean and the environment and just... relax!
Every trip is different and this year,
as I took my long walks up the beach, i noticed
something truly shifting...
It was the sand, the tide, and the land
as it all struggles
with the real issue of global warming and rising sea levels!
So in amongst all the natural beauty
there are now new additions, and human signs
of manipulation to the environment,
as the community tries to stop this tiny town
sinking into the sea!
The image above perfectly demonstrates these new plastic colours and textures
that are merging with the natural materials
found on the shore...
and this little trio were sitting exactly as you see them here!
No manipulation required from me... the camera man!!

the blend!
real vs fake...
in total unison....!
Because of all the rain the sand bags are being taken
over by all the natural beach plantlife!

Can you believe the green growth
in between the rocks is plastic astroturf?!
Fake grass... of all things!

real vs fake...
sand bags vs rocks!
all deposited there by the locals
to stop the tides washing the land away... twine.... and rocks...
All to save the shoreline!
And then you have the green of the plants
coming in to bind it all together...

messy blue twine...
muddled together from the power of the stormy waters...!
After seeing what Ive seen on this trip
all I can say is....
'what the sea wants
the sea will have!'
Mother Nature is definitely making her point!!

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