Friday, December 17, 2010

the spare room.

I'm back again...yay!
well...I'm back...just! I got home yesterday afternoon and have been sleeping ever since! You know that feeling when you've been in hospital or sick at home, and you're body sort of relaxes into a position on the couch and then...that's it! You're there for the rest of the day?!
Well that been me...tucked up on the couch trying to relax and calm my body down from the operation... which went well by the way!
So I'm home.
And I'm still alittle out of it...
But i wanted to post something up on me blog!
So.. what to talk about?
Well...another tiny archive actually!
I took magazines to hospital...and a book...but in the end I found nothing in the pile to share with you....
So Ive turned to my old stand-by' pile of old Australian Vogue Livings...
And this article called The Spare Room that was featured in their June/July issue circa 2003!
I just had to share it with you!

Artist Brendan Smith collaborated with the magazine to decorate this room....
And what he did was so beautiful!!
It's quiet...personal....filled with tonal colours...and a lot of space and light!

The murals are so simple and yet you never see many people having the guts...or the space to be able to go with their creative ambitions and paint abstractly onto the wall! It does take guts but the results, when done right, are so so amazing....I could definitely see this effect in a children's bedroom too...not just a spare space within the home!

I love the textures too...on the wall itself, that is alittle rough and uneven. It tells a story of who was there before and what the room was used for. And then Brendan has used soft colours and brushstrokes to make the whole effect whimsical and light! Orange, dusty red, soft grey and blue...its all there....but done sparingly.

And then this flower motif!
Especially with the wooden pole, but it works somehow!
I love that. When you take a chance and it just works....
I think that is painting itself! You never know what effect you are going to have until you get started....
And remember that less is sometimes more!!
Oh and ps....
I just remembered that a couple of years ago I read Helen Garners book called The spare Room and it was such a beautiful read.... worth looking up if you're in-between books!
Have a great weekend...
and ill see you on the other side...

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