Monday, January 31, 2011

1. take one piece of patterned fabric

It all began with a remnant
of fabric from ikea...
And so began my attempt at cleaning some of the
space that I inhabit!
I'm quite proud of me actually, as Ive been
trying to get sorted for months now,
and never got close to
reorganising my stuff!
But I was inspired by the New Year...

and things began to take shape!
Old objects
were dusted off and rediscovered
which is always
and new ways of appreciating bits and pieces
I love finding new colour stories that Ive never tried before...
and then I'm inspired to draw...

and that is always the BEST outcome!
Happy new week to you!
And just on another quick note
there is a new artwork in the' favourite artwork of the week'
section by Anne Wallace, who is having a solo show
Worth a look... even online.... as the paintings all
work together like a Hitchcock story board.
Very eerie, with beautiful detail, and use of light!
See you soon...

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