Friday, March 4, 2011

alternate road map...

Happy Art Month Sydney!
Earlier this week, this Art Month Festival
ushered a plethora of talks, walks,
cycling tours and of course exhibitions, onto an already busy
Sydney events calendar!
But every gallery is putting its best foot
forward to tempt old and new visitors to walk through
its doors.... and tap into the creative hum of the city!
Its the second year for the festival,
and inside the cover of each free
program/booklet - scattered in every cafe in town -
you will find this colourful map {above}
that breaks up the inner city into 4 precincts, each one with about
15 galleries and art centres listed and mapped for you to discover.
It's a big task and may seem daunting..and time consuming!
But well worth it if you have a free Saturday, or two, up your sleeve!
For me... trawling through the galleries on a quiet weekday
is something I love to do...
if I'm free and my body is able!
And yesterday I was feeling the
urge to get out there and get inspired
by some of the new shows that have just opened!
So I came up with my alternate road map for one area...
that being the old art gallery trail of Paddington.
I have not been around some of these places in a LONG time,
so I made an effort to do as much as I could, with a cafe
pit stop somewhere in the middle!
So I started at Rex Irwin Art Dealers with a solo show by Louise Boscacci,
which at the end of the day,
was hard to beat!

It was an amazing show filled with beautiful ceramic porcelain pieces
that were light + poetic... evoking a feeling of past histories being
remembered and traced through each vessel.
It was as if time stopped when I walked in the door,
as the gallery was also tranquil, playing some quiet jazz
in the background...
{Got to love a gallery that plays music!!}

But just to quickly tell you what else was on my tiny tour...

Gallery 28 with a solo show of Peter Berner,
Tim Olsen Gallery with the new works of Guy Maestri, Sabbia Gallery
which opens tonight with the solo glass exhibition of Jess Loughlin from South Australia.
Then there was a cheeky art supplies pit stop at Oxford art supplies {had to be done!!}...
and then across the road to The National Art School and their curated exhibition of
Contemporary Australian Drawing called Erased... then off to Gallery 9 with a show called Chamber by artist Anna Kristensen,
and then last, but not least
was King st. Gallery on William
for their exhibition
of Leo Robba's work called The Artists' Garden
which is about to close.
You could say that today....I am pooped!
It was A LOT but I loved it and it was my take
on the whole art month festival,
with not a queue
or small talk in site!
Just me and the art...

Have a great weekend everyone
and I hope you find a way create your own
road map to discover
a whole new side to your own city....

Photos of Louise Boscacci courtesy of Rex Irwin Art Dealers. Image no1 called Pilgrim no2 (below my Flightless feet), 2010. Image no 2 is of a piece called Hours, 2010.

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