Friday, May 27, 2011

one moment.

One word kept coming up for me this my thoughts and also in my conversations with people. And that one word was mindfulness. Well, I guess its not a word but a state of mind really. And without getting too deep, it is a state of mind that has helped me move through a lot of things in the past few months...

In being mindful and calm Ive been able to decipher what is really important to focus on at any given moment and let go of what is just 'noise'. Has anyone else noticed how time is speeding up and that everything is always so so crazy?

There is so much change in the air and everyone wants a piece of your time, your energy, your sometimes it is just good to step back and see what is right there in front of us...

.... from even the smallest of details.

And just before I go I must say a big thank you to two lovely people who gave me a little of their time this week for a chat. And to Virginia - I hope you love your new drawing when it comes dressed in its new fancy frame! Thankyou...x

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