Wednesday, May 4, 2011

small distractions...

After my last post I thought it would be fair to show you some of my tiny toy collections from the studio... Now they may be a little bit dusty, a little bit rusty and just a little bit old, but isn't that the point? Toys should be played with, roughed up and scuffed. The difference with these ones is that they have lasted the tests of time! They are from the 1950s and they are made of tin and metal... Perfect fodder and inspiration for an artist or the collector within...

Love this old wooden plane that belonged to my uncle. Who you may have guessed by now was a great collector, and to this day, is just a BIG BOY at heart!!

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Katie said...

Hi Michele!
How funny - I JUST made a post with the photo of your plane:

The blog is a bit of a work in progress, but I decided to put it up now (even if it's a bit incomplete), otherwise I'll never get around to it!

I've put your studio images under "artist profile" on the top right. I need to edit it a bit more and add some captions and bits of information - but for now I thought the images were quite nice by themselves.

And ps. you are first on the list for the blogs that I follow!

See you tomorrow night,
Katie xx