Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the plus one

{It had been a while since I had been asked me to be a plus one. 
And what I lovely surprise it was too.}

As you may know through my little hints here and there, Ive been an unwell bunny these past two months, finding it difficult to venture much further than my front door. Not fun I can tell you... It has been a winter of true hibernation for me, with my only link to the outside world being this tiny blog! 

However a few weeks ago I had a lucky breakthrough {yay}, and since then Ive taken some tentative steps into what you may call a social life...well.... a life beyond TV, walking my dog, and looking at blogs and art books! Don't get me wrong I love my quiet time, but it is nice when the outside world comes a-knocking and as I mentioned yesterday a few people came out of the wood work last week holding invitations to some lovely events, things that I normally miss out on. And one such event that I went to last Friday was a Sydney Design event called Design in Motion. 

Design in Motion is a film screening night that happens annually as part of the design festival, and it is curated and hosted by Eskimo, a creative design agency based in Surry Hills. The night usually centres around a screening of an independent film, and this year the feature was called Press.pause.play, a documentary about the digital revolution in all things creative, such as music, film and art....

The big screen seen in these images, above and below, is where we watched this film and a collection of other shorts that proceeded the main event. 

As you can see, the venue was one of the main events for me. 
I had never seen the city lights from this vantage point before and it was so so beautiful.... every light was captured, even the stars as we stood in the dark, outside the marquee where everything was taking place...

And even though the film was brilliant, I could not get over how lucky I was to be a plus one and experience this clear, cold night, after spending so many on the couch! 

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