Monday, September 5, 2011

mailbox love.

Sometimes I love my mailbox.
Not the days a when I receive two bills and a junky advertising deal from my local plumber! But days like last Friday when I look inside to find a beautiful handmade postcard filled with amazing colours and textures sent from a far away place like Ikuntji in The Northern Territory! 

In June a lovely lady named Sarah travelled to the Indigenous community of Ikuntji to complete a three month residency which would see her work with the local artists' print, paint AND build a new ceramic kiln, which Sarah raised the funds to buy. So not an easy holiday adventure! The residency is part of a National Art School initiative which sees current art school students take these postings to help grow and support Outback indigenous art communities, which in turn gives them an amazing insight and learning experience into Aboriginal society, culture and artistic practice. So it is a fantastic initiative!

Sarah is half way through her residency at the moment, and to keep us up to date with all her adventures she writing a travel blog which you can read here....

And I have a lovely new art card on my bedroom wall... 
from a place that I would love to visit one day.
Safe travels Sarah... thank you for my lovely present x

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