Wednesday, December 21, 2011

M A D E ... {by nature}

Hydrandeas in a ceramic vessel by Pippin Drysdale

I love receiving flowers, especially at Christmas as it is a gift that keeps on giving... filling any room with colour, texture, and if you're lucky a beautiful scent that truly spells summer. 
A little while ago I was reading Sandra Juto's blog and she asked what flower spell Christmas for you... Immediately I thought of Gardenias as they are everywhere at the moment. Lovely white flowers with a smell so amazing it permeates every inch of the house! 

But then I saw these beauties and I changed my mind... The flower of Christmas, for me, has to be Hydrangeas. In every colour possible! I received these a few days ago and they still look beautiful in their Pippin Drysdale 'home' ... 

I LOVE this ceramic artwork by Pippin and wrote about it when back when... on this blog.
But it has been hard to use... especially as it is so big.
But with these big blooms of colour it truly is the perfect home for these flowers... don't you think?

And the best thing?
This was a gift from their garden.
Sometimes it is the simple thought of giving that is so special.
Not the cost... but the thought.

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Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

I adore hydrangeas I had a massive bunch from my garden in my bedroom that lasted weeks. Lovely. x