Monday, May 21, 2012

As day turns to night.

The view at night.... from my desk... may 2012

At the moment a tiny routine has developed.
And it all centres around the light.
In the morning... paints, canvases, boards and brushes move into the open air and I get stuck into my work for the day. The hot sunny Autumn days have been a blessing these past four weeks as I have needed them to be able to work outside on these large works. And thankfully im on schedule with these oil paintings.....{ok-everyone touch wood!}

But as we move ever closer to Winter the days are becoming shorter and shorter... and the light begins to fade at around 430 in the afternoon.
So on cue, I pack up, clean up and head to my desk as day turns to night.

And as I reach my chair and my computer I unwind my thoughts by turning on some tunes, and re-adjust my eyes by staring at my mood boards, with all the bits n pieces that I have collected, and been given, over the years.

So I thought Id take a few photos of the view from where  I sit every night....
With the artificial lights turned on.

Its always interesting to look at colours and the way they change with the light....
I prefer to see colour by sunlight....
But they look so dramatic with the artificial bulbs switched on...
Dont you think?

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