Thursday, May 24, 2012

sheer beauty.

Very rarely am I blown away by an artwork these day... 
But this installation by Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi is truly breathtaking... even while looking at the photos and video half a world away. 

This installation piece by Yasuaki Onishi called Reverse of Volume RG is an amazing example of how an artwork can change the whole atmosphere of a gallery space with a few simple materials, brilliant lighting, and a clutch of clever hands working a few thousand hours. 

Ephemeral art, or art that only exists for a moment in order to create an emotional response with you (the audience), is absolutely huge at the moment. And there are many great examples of this art movement on display in some of the worlds top universities, art museums and Biennale's. 

Maybe we are all looking for art to give us a sense of raw emotion? Maybe pop culture at the moment is not engaging us enough? {If you've ever watched a Kardashian tv show you may agree with me on this point!}  

But it truly is amazing how we are all wanting to experience things on a deeper level. And 'Reverse Of Volume RG' is a brilliant example. Onishi has created an artwork that you can walk into.... think about... puzzle over... and in the end... feel something for. 

I just wish I could be at the Rice Gallery in Texas to feel it first hand! 
Maybe i just need the Sydney Biennale 2012 to start?! 
Not long now... 

Yasuaki Onishi, Reverse of Volume RG, Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2012.
Image courtesy of Nash Baker & Design Boom.

Thanks Kylie, and designboom,  for the tip off!
And if you're in Houston, Onishi's exhibition is on at The Rice Gallery until 24 June 2012

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