Monday, November 26, 2012

workshop weekend at the pop

The pop up space on Saturday -
all dressed + ready to host its last weaving workshop on Saturday...

What a creative week!
And what a massive weekend!

The place never looked more colourful and festive.... as the pop up was used to maximum effect these past 7 days!  During the week worked I worked on the 3-metre painting (which is still nameless), Olenka had friends join her at the jewellery table to make new pieces for Christmas, and on the weekend i hosted a weaving workshop on Saturday followed by an abstract painting/drawing class on Sunday! Phew....

Way back in June eight artists were given the keys to two empty shop fronts in a suburb of Sydney in order to create, inspire  display our wares, and invite the community to join in! After this week I feel like we achieved those amazing aims... having a great time along the way.

Thank you again to everyone who came along to ALL my workshops. Ive loved meeting you, chatting with you and creating with you. Thank you for sharing your creative selves with this tiny project... and for bringing materials and baked goods too! 

I have one more weaving workshop for the year and this time it will be hosted by Object Gallery in Surry Hills! If you would like to come along, please have a look here....
And if you would like to join my mail list for future workshops, please drop me an email at ....

see you soon x

Another amazing group of people at the weaving table... getting busy!

The start of a new coil bowl... made with a mix of  materials to add tons of colour... and texture!

I love it when people create in the colours of their outfit...
This is Amelia and her lovely red nails....
making her first woven bowl 

The lovely Tiffany came along to both workshops -
but on Saturday she discovered my comfy armchair, which is perfect for weaving!

awwww... im going to miss this creative space.

Phillip who came to his second class at the pop up.... sitting next to Anna + Hannah
who were lovely new additions to the table! 

The wall in Olenka's space was given a new look on Sunday...

And lastly - this little still life grouping was from Sunday's
abstract drawing/painting workshop.
We were so busy creating and talking that I forgot to get the camera out again.
Do this is one of the only photos I have to show you... sorry!
Needless to say there were a lot to beautiful artworks created in those few hours...

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Corinne – Daze of My Life said...

Fantastic!! Loving all that colour! xx